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What Exactly is Sleep Apnoea and How Can it Be Treated?

Sleep apnoea (also spelled apnea) is a medical condition when a sleeping person’s airway collapses, preventing the person from breathing, which naturally causes the person to wake up. Loud snoring usually accompanies the bouts of irregular breathing, and the result of this is usually that the person is constantly fatigued, due to lack of quality sleep. Other day time symptoms include extreme mood swings, becoming easily agitated and losing one’s temper for no real reason, and generally exhibiting behaviour in line with lack of sleep.

Long-Term Issues

If the problem remains undiscovered and the person is waking up 4-5 times a night due to breathing issues, this will have an adverse effect on their general health & well-being. One way that you can check is to ask your partner questions about your sleeping behaviour, as if you did suffer, your partner would surely know, and if they have commented on your sleep interruptions, then you should investigate further by seeing your local doctor.

CPAP Machines

There is a machine that is designed to provide constant positive airway pressure (CPAP), hence the name, and with CPAP masks that fit over the nose, the sleeper can enjoy a good night’s sleep, as the machine keeps their airway open. If your GP diagnoses sleep apnoea, you can search online for a reputable supplier of top-rated CPAP machines, where you can view a wide range of machines, masks and other accessories.

Day Time Symptoms

The day time symptoms include sudden bouts of drowsiness, which could come on at any time, and extreme mood swings are another sign that a person is not getting enough sleep. If you find it difficult to concentrate and are easily agitated, this might be due to sleep apnoea, and a visit to your doctor is in order.

Night Time Symptoms

The symptoms might include:

  • Irregular breathing
  • Waking up for no apparent reason
  • Loud snoring
  • Making loud gasping or choking noises

If you sleep with your partner, then you would likely know if you have any of these habits, but if you sleep alone, then you might need to visit a sleep centre, where they can monitor you while asleep.

If, for example, you drive for a living, sleep apnoea can be very dangerous and if you find yourself dozing at the wheel, you should make a point of investigating further to determine if sleep apnoea is, in fact, the cause.

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