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The Many Uses For Stem Cells

There has been a lot of talk regarding stem cells over the last decade or so, and it has been hailed as a potential miracle cure for lots of different medical conditions. A stem cell is a blank cell or undifferentiated cell, which can be used in many ways by your body naturally. A differentiated cell has a specific purpose, while an undifferentiated cell is like a blank canvas and can be used for many different things. Below are some treatments that are on offer using stem cells that have benefitted many people around the world over the years.

Replacing Organs And Tissue In The Body

One exciting prospect of using stem cells in treating medical conditions is that they can potentially be used to grow replacement organs and tissue for the body. The cells can be grown in a laboratory and then manipulated to develop into organs such as hearts, lungs, livers, and kidneys. As well as replacing full organs it is also possible to create parts of organs that do not function correctly, negating the need to replace the entire organ. Some countries are wary of stem cell research and its uses, as it can throw up some potential ethical problems, although you can find a stem cell clinic in Bangkok and other parts of Asia if this is something you think you may benefit from for your health.

They Can Help With Research

Stem cells are also an excellent tool for research, and they can help to find out what causes genetic defects n cells. Once the root cause is known, it is then possible to do further research to try and prevent these things from happening and potentially helping people to avoid serious illnesses. Research can also help to determine why some cells turn into cancer and try to find ways to prevent this from happening. Another significant area that they can help in research in testing the suitability and safety of new drugs on human tissue. They can help to determine whether a new drug will call problems with human tissue without having to test it on living people.

A Long Way To Go

Although there has already been a lot of research into stem cells and how they can be used in medicine, there is still a long way to go. New ideas and treatments are being thought of all the time, so it is an area of medicine that is in constant development. It may not be the cure for all that it has been touted yet, but the potential of stem cell research is exciting and shows there is a bright future in dealing with many medical conditions. For more information on stem cells and the research being carried out, please click here.

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