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Installing a Straight Stairlift

When you have a stairlift in your home, you are able to greatly improve the accessibility that your home can offer. Having a stairlift gives back independence and mobility to people who otherwise would not have been able to safely make it up and down the stairs on their own.

The Right Stairlift for Your Home

There are many different aspects of stairlifts that you are able to customise. If you have a staircase in your home, it’s highly likely that you will be able to get a stairlift that will fit in the space.

The following are a few different ways that a stairlift can be customised:

  • Width
  • Foldable railings
  • Swiveling chairs
  • Collapsable chairs
  • Weight capacity

There are many more things that you can customise, and the possibilities depend on what your needs are and what the space around the stairlift is like.

How to Get a Stairlift in Your Home

It’s very easy to get a stairlift installed in your home. All you have to do is get in contact with straight stairlift manufacturers in Telford. When you are discussing the stairlift that you will need in your home, make sure that you provide details on what your space will need.

These details include the size, location, and space of your staircase. You should also mention what you expect out of your staircase, and let them know what different features you might need to make the stairlift work for you.

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