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How ADF veterans can retain dignity while seeking out medical benefits

Looking back as you near retirement age, you are extremely proud of your life, having raised a wonderful family, who have now produced grandchildren who you and your good lady love dearly as they keep you on your toes.

Your pride also emanates from your earlier career, carried out in the Australian Defence Force where you served in the Royal Australian Navy for many years. You have so many happy memories from those years, learning discipline and serving with honour while meeting many lifelong friends. However, in recent years your hard work has had an effect on your health, but you have found out that help is at hand by sourcing veteran medical benefits.

Pride is an overwhelming emotion among many others who have followed your selfless path, which has meant that it has taken the persuasion of the love of your life to seek out help. You immediately felt more relaxed about going to a friendly medical practice that understands and appreciates military related medical conditions, offering an empathetic ear that isn’t always available elsewhere.

The practice will provide you, and any other former member of the Australian Defence Force medical care and support while your claim for assistance is being processed. You were looking for something stress free and a positive outcome, so this service fits the bill perfectly.

You are now in the process of putting in a DVA claim for a health condition that was caused by your military service, which will hopefully provide for you to live comfortably for the rest of your life. The practice is going to assist you with your submission, offering you the best chance of success. You found some of the administration and documentation daunting and confusing, so being offered help in completing it is a great weight off your mind.

Another concern that you have, is that your claim may be declined. However, the practice that is assisting you, will offer you a medical review and even a second opinion, to help you along. You can also rely upon an urgent referral if required to medical supports and specialists.

Serving your country with pride and offering its citizens protection deserves to treat with total respect, and with dignity. A one stop service to provide you with all the necessary needs to live your life in comfort without pain should be made use of, without any worries about the perception of others

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