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Codeine (Codeine)

Salt: Codeine
Potency: 30 mg
Category: Pain Relief
Availability: In Stock

Price: $4

Short Description

Codeine is a narcotic pain reducer medicine. Codeine is associate with the medication category called opiates. Codeine is used as a pain relief from Mild to severe.Codeine is allowed to use with Acetaminophen (Tylenol) for more efficient treatment.

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Codeine Pills 

Codeine is an opioid drug. An opioid is mostly called a narcotic. Codeine is utilized to treat minor to serious pain. Codeine might be additionally used for reasons that not recorded as a part of this medication.

Codeine is used to treat pains of a wide range, such as headache, the cold, common infection, menstruation pain, lumbago, rheumatic pain, post-operative anxiety or distress from sickness.

Generic Name: codeine sulfate

 Dosage Method: oral result Indications and Usage for Codeine Sulfate Oral Solution Codeine sulfate is an opioid pain relieving from mild to  serious pain.

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How to take Codeine Pills 

Codeine available in pills capsules and syrup form to take orally. It is usually consumed by every 4 to 6 hours as required. Follow the guidelines on Prescribed medicine  pack properly, and ask your physician to describe any part that you do not understand. Take codeine exactly as prescribed.

Codeine pills should be taken orally with some water, ideally with meal to prevent abdomen problems. If you are getting more than one pills of codeine a day, make sure to keep at least Four hour difference between doses

When you stop using codeine, flush down all the unused pills 

Dosages of Codeine Pills

Codeine Pills are available in the quantity of: 15 mg, 30 mg and 60 mg pills. Quantity and dosage amount must be recommended by a physician. Always adhere to the recommendation exactly never consumed extra or less than your physician suggests.

If you have skipped a dosage, you must take it when you remember it, unless it is time almost for next dosage. Never take additional codeine to make up for the skipped one. See product flyer for more complete detail.

Side Effects of Codeine Pills

Stomach problems.
This can be prevented by drinking plenty of liquids and eating fiber-rich foods.Feeling sick. This complication is usually only short-term and will vanish once the body adapts to the use of the drugs. 

Overdosing of Codeine Pills

Codeine is an opiate sault and opiates come with the possibility of habit forming. Many individuals all over the globe that experience of a Codeine obsession. Codeine craving can be incredibly risky and the possibilities of the habit establishing that can outcome from extended use of the medication. Patient should always take several safety measures when recommending this kind of medication. Never ever over use the medication. Only use codeine pills when it is clinically necessary and never take more than the dose quantity. Never improve your dose. Also it is a sensible exercise to only take the medication when you need it. Do not take the medication just for the benefit of getting it unless it is clinically necessary. Threating signs that patient may be becoming reliant on this medication are factors like having negative signs.

Even with trying to evade dependence to the medication that can still happened. If you end up reliant to the medication Codeine create sure that you search for medical help. Support should come from a number of different people. The very first person you should search for advice is a physician and then your close family members. Your close relatives and your physician can help you through your dependence and help you get over it. There are also organizations out there that can help you if you want to end up reliant to codeine pills. Never try to take yourself completely off of this medication if you become addict. Going all at once and giving up the medication can lead to serious negative symptoms that could lead you to be very sick. Looking for the help of a professional is a proper way to go if you end up having Codeine pills reliance.

As we know Codeine could be addictive and have adverse reactions as it has been confirmed from many different circumstances. Individuals with serious discomfort and other circumstances have discovered comfort by using Codeine pills. Always be sure that you discuss to a physician before getting the drugs. Also make sure to never offer your drugs and never spread it to someone other than yourself. Using Codeine pills can help handling your sickness but you must be very careful when using it or any other medication.

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